United Undiscovered
Artists of America

Right: "Bread"
Ongoing street piece give-away, performed
in various cities including New York in 1969,
Toaster print on bread slice
in silkscreened lunch baggie

M. K. Sims is the founder of this (shadowy) "NON-PROFIT" organization which originated in New York City in 1975.

History of the U U A A

M. K. Sims, having exhausted her tolerance for the arrogant demands of the art establishment groups with which she had been associating, and rebelling against the exhorbitant costs of art materials and exhibiting, turned away from the art world. She began performing a series of solo pieces with mostly unorthodox means which, by their very nature, were surreptitious and unrecognizable as ART. It was during this period that Sims founded the UNlTED UNDlSCOVERED ARTlSTS OF AMERlCA. Aside from its obvious title, nothing else about the organization has ever been officially revealed. To date there is only one member.

For those of you anxious and eager to support this 'worthy' organization; please print out this page and return the following information with your most generous contribution:

___ Yes, I would be happy to contribute to the (famous) U U A A. Here is my contribution of: $_____________

___Yes, please send the official U U A A lapel button. I would be pleased to wear it.

___Yes, I would be delighted to become a patron of this organization. Enclosed please find my annual contribution of $________________




email: _______________________________________________________

Thank You.

. . . . just kidding . . . .

Info about Marion K. Sims or her artwork:
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