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"Edible Vegedibles"

right: "Hills Below Landsberg, Germany"
©1957 M. K. Sims

Early Landscapes

In the 1950s the family moved to Germany for several years and Sims continued to paint and sketch throughout Europe. She filled several sketchbooks with landscape and architectural drawings and paintings. It was at this time that she began to experiment with abstraction and started to incorporate elements of Cubism into her compositions. 18 paintings of cathedrals, castles and landscapes that are done in this style survive.

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Ammersee, Germany
Augsberg, Germany
Blankenberg, Belguim
Bodensee (Lindau), Switzerland
Tegernsee, Germany (Haystacks)
Hills Below Landsberg, Germany
Roten Tor, Augsburg, Germany
St. Ulrich's, Augsburg, Germany
rg, Germany (Winter)
Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy
Old Apple Tree
Augsberg, Germany
(Water Towers)
Blankenberg, Belguim
Church St.,
B'ville, N.J. (USA)
Harburg Castle, Germany
Jesolo Lido, Italy
Roten Tor, (Section)
Augsburg, Germany
Statbergen, Germany (Snow)
St. Ulrich's Cathedral, Augsburg, Germany


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