performing in
"Red Zone"

right and below: Sims performing her signature act, "Moogritte"

Red Zone

performance piece by E.Jay Sims, with M. K. Sims
Performance: BACA, Brooklyn, NY - 1985

In the piece the Fan Dancer (performed by E.Jay Sims), part exotic dancer, part bird, part furniture, incarnated the process of women's aging and loss of sexuality. She performed the "Dance of the Honeybees" wearing a hula skirt made out of old table legs while marching in front of her nest/throne.

M. K. Sims as Moogritte, played the counterpart by doing some of her signature acts and reading personal texts.

left: "I Am Sick Of This" banner draped across the nest

right: "X" was used as a prop during part of the piece and the drawing is of M. K. Sims performing her animal personae.


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