"Give-Away Stickers"
© 1980 (ongoing) M. K. Sims

Give-Away Stickers

Adhesive stickers mainly printed with rubber stamps.

-- Bear various personal comments to be given away at the discretion of the artist in reaction to boring, etc. "ART."

-- Personal opinions applied next to "ART" objects, paintings, performance posters, notices, public pieces, common objects... applied surreptitiously and left there.

  1. Designated Precious Art Object
  2. Undesignated Un-Precious Art Object
  3. Hello, How Are You? (applied next to places, objects, people I knew)
  4. Oh Hey, handPrinTeD, I Suppose?
  5. SAY NO
  6. I Am Sick Of This
  7. Oh Shut Up
  8. Terrific. Huh
  9. So Rude, So Vulgar
  10. Pig Art!


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