"Jockey Hollow Project"

right and below right: Sims celebrating her installations

Jockey Hollow Project

Vinyl Hangings
(also used as colorful kitchen curtains)

Several large, unsigned, vinyl hangings (various sizes) of 1-5 colored stripes on each, were placed in remote and inaccessible sections of Jockey Hollow National Historic Park in Morristown, N. J.

No announcements were made and no directions were given. People were simply to come upon them in the wild.

St. Martin's Tract Piece
Hung in Bernardsville, N. J. on land that was later bulldozed for a housing development.

left and above: Tree Pieces were used to "Dress" the trees. Emphasis was placed on the knotting of ropes and looping (or gathering) of stripes, etc.

below: in winter snow

These hangings were one of several experimental pieces using non-artist materials (vinyl + spray painted stripes). The outdoor pieces were interesting because they could be looped or crushed, etc. to obtain various stripe arrangements. They also collected grime, smog, rainwater w/ insect collections, etc.

below: interior installation


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